The ARCHIPENDIUM calendar is published by German publisher Archimappublishers intended for designers and design enthusiasts. Each issue contains 365 unique or contemporary examples of architecture and interior design, allowing the design works to be seen by the world in a unique way.

The “Yangmei Logistics Center” designed by JJP Architects and Planners was invited to appear on the page of the 23rd or March 2020, the third project by JJP Architects and Planners to be collected in the ARCHIPENDIUM calendar (previous works include the Dingpu MRT Station and the E.Sun Hope Campus.

The project is a logistics warehouse, located in Yangmei, Taoyuan. It is surrounded by countryside houses and ponds with a high-speed railway passing close to the site. Displaying new design thinking that sets a benchmark for future logistics, the project’s flowing appearance of the speed of distribution, exhibited within ARCHIPENDIUM's design calendar, shows JJP’s continuous pursuit of a future architectural idiom.

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