World Association of Chinese Architects(WACA) announced the winners of 2016 Residential Architecture Design Awards on October 24th. An-Kang Public Housing Parcel D designed by JJP won the gold award, which is also the only one winner from Taiwan. The ceremony as well as the "tourism & urban renewal seminar" will be held in Macau during November 6th to 8th.

An-Kang Public Housing, the first largest scale public housing, was built in early 1970s with great locations in Taipei city. However, some of public and safety equipment  are outdated  nowadays. Parcel D is a turn-key project which means architect and construction team shall team up to bid is also part of renewal plan of Department of Urban Development(都發局). The team member, Ruentex is skilled in precast method. The simple rhythm of elevation vocabulary created by precasting craftsmanship and vivid fenestration aim to overcome the monotone stereotype image. Ankang Park where the sun warmly shines and trees lightly sway with breeze is the picture what the team also tries deliver via abundant and dynamic coloring facade.

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