The urban redevelopment authority of Taipei City joined by the social development Bureau launched the project in 2012. The project recently commenced with a high note by winning both “Taipei City Distinguished Public Construction Award” and “Outstanding Award, Public Construction Golden Quality Award for Architectural Design”.

The residential tower’s colorful pre-cast concrete façade is an abstract metaphor of foliage, sunshine through in the near park. Bright and enlightening images have also transformed the public housing’s conventional shanty impression. To overcome the limited construction fine frame, minimized excavation layout was carefully planned adopting the site’s hilly contour.

As a result of intensive co-working between architects and experts from “Foundation of Universal Design, Education” the apartment reached the goal to become Taipei’s first “Handicap-free Certified Housing” meeting all the criteria of Universal Design.

With its smartly planned layout, thus the new housing will carry memories from the historical community while setting a new standard to the future of public housing through re-mixing residents from various origins, a vibrant new spirit of Ankang neighborhood will be re-ramped.