Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) line started trial runs on February 2. More than 700,000 people are expected to access the system over the course of one-month trial run. In the first phase, group passengers who apply in advance are to be allowed to travel for free. In the second phase, a daily maximum of 40,000 free rides between 8am and 4pm will be offered to individual passengers. The line will commence revenue service on March 2 with a 50 percent discount offered and the normal fare will apply starting on April 2.

The operation of the Airport MRT line in 2017 greatly contributes to the convenient and comfortable MRT system in Taiwan. The total length of the route is approximately 51.03 km and will be extended to 24 stations with a full length of 53 km when A23 Zhongli station is completed. The Airport Access MRT System connects the Taoyuan International Airport as well as transportation nodes such as Taipei Metro, High Speed Rail, etc., providing each passenger with a safe, convenient, comfortable and high quality transit service.

J.J.Pan & Partners designed stations of A2~A6、A22、A23; A1 station is designed by J.J.Pan & Partners in collaboration with Fumihiko Maki of Japan. White color as the overall tone for better illustrating the quality of materials A1 station presents with a bright modern sense themed with global vision. A2 station forms the image of gateway to Taipei metropolitan area, as well as being a common visual landmark of the Great Taipei. By adopting A2 station as a prototype, the A3 station employs lightweight body for the consideration the site`s complex environment, which is intended to ease the burden of urban. A4 station is notable for the belt-shaped structure of the skybridge, which links the station with the sub-city center and the emerging movie and media industry cluster, forming a "starlight boulevard". Station A5 derives its concept from the city lights and adopts neat linear circulation, featuring plentiful light and bustling urban crowds. The design of A6 station is inspired by the rolling hills nearby, providing an sketch of the city life.