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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The Dawn of a New Spring

Inspired by the efficiency of distribution centers and the velocity of nearby high-speed trains, the ALP Logistics Republic Yangmei project elevates the form and function of logistical architecture to new heights. At the dawn of a new spring, JJP wishes you a year full of promises come true!

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Taiwan Architect features Xinglong Public Housing Block 1

Xinglong Public Housing Block 1 was covered on Taiwan Architect No. 505. Alongside with the introduction of many Taipei City Public Housing currently under construction. The issue also interviews Taipei City Deputy Mayor Charles Lin and Urban Development Chief J.M. Lin, in respect to the policy, planning and operational strategies of public housing.

Being part of the Ankang Regeneration Project, Xinglong Public Housing Block 1 is one of the only two projects that are completed. At present, the Taipei City Government has been proactively promoting the establishment of “Taipei City Public Housing Management Corporation” to achieve better living quality.

Precast concrete construction method is employed with details as the major construction method. Without affected by weather condition,, precast concrete construction method features high reliability and durability. Such method significantly shortened on-site installation period.


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