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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The Dawn of a New Spring

Inspired by the efficiency of distribution centers and the velocity of nearby high-speed trains, the ALP Logistics Republic Yangmei project elevates the form and function of logistical architecture to new heights. At the dawn of a new spring, JJP wishes you a year full of promises come true!

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“Renovation and Regeneration of Cities” 2018 Cross-Straits School of Architecture Student Exchange Workshop

“2018 Cross-Straits School of Architecture Student Exchange Workshop” was held from September 7th to 16th at the Southeast University in Nanjing. This year, the two of JJP’s principals, Joshua Jih Pan and Chungwei Su, were invited as the convener and planner in Taiwan.
This year’s topic featuring “Renovation and Regeneration of Cities” congregates one hundred talented students from 20 universities across the Strait with target block of “Xinjiekou” in Nanjing. The apprentices were led by a team of mentors composed of the ones from both Mainland China and Taiwan to analyze its rich historical context, architectural style, and urban space, and then present insights and visions that express humanities in urbanism.
At the jury session, Mr. Pan interacted with the teachers and students and encouraged the students to participate more often in the design exchanges to explore the potential of the Chinese architecture generation.

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