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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The Dawn of a New Spring

Inspired by the efficiency of distribution centers and the velocity of nearby high-speed trains, the ALP Logistics Republic Yangmei project elevates the form and function of logistical architecture to new heights. At the dawn of a new spring, JJP wishes you a year full of promises come true!

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Radiant Journeys of Architects – the Famous Designers’ Speeches

博物館的故事 — 姚仁喜
博物館的自明性 — 簡學義
創意的實踐 — 邱文傑
臺灣海洋建築文化的興建歷程 — 林洲民
展覽的建築與建築的展覽 — 劉曉都
生活的建築和建築的生活 — 黃聲遠
展示空間的公共性理念 — 張雷
方體空間的實踐 — 王昀
建築的奇幻之旅 — 潘冀

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