ZyXEL Recreation Center

This project aims to resolve the inadequate parking and recreation demands for the staff by building a Recreation/Training Center on the rented park land across the street, in accordance with the “Urban Planning Act” by the Ministry of Interior.


Amenities above ground include a multi-use gymnasium on the ground floor, a fitness center and dance studio on the 2nd floor mezzanine, and training classrooms on the 3rd floor mezzanine. Four levels of underground parking provides for 633 cars, with part of the garage open to the public to meet neighborhood needs.


Facade design uses the contrast of solid mass and void to create a lively dialogue. Ventilation for the underground garage, mechanical and electrical equipment rooms are carefully designed to complement the aesthetic whole.


In order to preserve the site's original land use, only 15% of the area are set aside for building construction while 85% of the land remains as park. Existing trees removed during construction are replanted, with new planting added in geometrically divided multiple layers and water permeable paving material to create an interesting landscape design.

Location:Hsinchu Science Park

Structural system:Steel、RC

Site area:10,900㎡

Building coverage:1,610㎡

Total floor area:23,780㎡

No. of stories:3 below、4 above grade

Design period:2004.01 ~ 2005.05

Const. period:2005.06 ~ 2007.07

Category: Sport / Leisure、Transportation / Infrastructure

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