ZyXEL R&D Campus

The ZyXEL complex consists of three buildings: a R&D office, a Gymnasium and a Dormitory. The overall layout is derived from the traditional residential courtyard, enclosed by the buildings on three sides and open to a garden on the southeast. The Dormitory further emphasizes the courtyard concept with a covered atrium in the center.

The translation from traditional Chinese elements into a modern vernacular was the guiding rule for the development of individual buildings. The dormitory features an exterior curtain of sliding screens which serve the purpose of shading, privacy, natural air circulation and echo the lattice windows found in many traditional Chinese houses. The gymnasium is governed by the need of natural light and ventilation, as the budget was too tight to allow for a generous glass curtain wall, FRP screening was used for building enclosure instead. The interior lighting transforms the structure at night, recalling the image of a Chinese lantern.

Location:Wuxi, Jiangsu Province

Structural system:RC、steel

Site area:27,195㎡

Building coverage:9,065㎡

Total floor area:36,410㎡

No. of stories:R&D:3 above grade、Dormitory:7 above grade、Gym:1 below、3 above grade

Cost:NT$ 256,000,000

Design period:2002.12 – 2003.08

Const. period:2003.10 – 2004.10

Category: Landscape、Manufacturing、Office、Sport / Leisure

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