Zhuangjing Rd. Dormitory, Ping Tung Christian Hospital

The 70-bed dormitory sits on an existing vacant lot along Zhuangjing Rd. The design provides medical personnel of Pingtung Christian Hospital with dormitory for accommodation. The program calls for a comfort and safe dwelling environment within the limited church budget, yet to maintain maximum flexibility for future expansion. Convenient store, kitchenette and lounges are provided to enhance living quality while the pedestrian arcade along the street provides a friendly public space creating a mutually beneficial solution for both hospital and general public.

Location:Zhuangjing Rd., Pingtung City

Structural system:RC

Site area:1052㎡

Building coverage:503.01㎡

Total floor area:3177.68㎡

No. of stories:1 below, 5 above grade

Cost:NT$ 90,000,000

Design period:2014.05 ~ 2014.10

Const. period:2014.11 ~ 2016.01

Category: Dormitory

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