Youth Cultural and Activities Center Lan-Yu (Orchid Island)

Situated in the village of Lan-Yu (Orchid Island) in the county of Taitung, the structure is near Lan-Yu airport and the tribal villages of local fishermen. The site is about 1.63 hectares in size, and the buildings occupy 1,915 sq.m. of land. Principal structures include a multi-purpose Youth Activities Center (with an indoor basketball court, dance and computer class table-tennis space, audio-visual room, etc.), a cultural museum of the Ya-Mei tribe, a library, vocational classrooms, dormitories for young people and for counselors, a dining hall, and an outdoor raised terrace. Also included are stone-paved lookout platforms, a retaining wall, the front gate and outdoor terraces. The design of this project incorporates traditional tribal building layouts using Ya-Mei stone work with exposed beams, a ringer stone retaining wall along the entire periphery and partially sunken structures to reflect local practices.

The project originated through the "Helping Hand" movement of Cosmic Light Magazine Inc.. In the winter of 1991 a foundation was established and a starting fund of NT$10,000,000 was raised for building the Center.

Later, through the efforts of Mr. Lin Mu-An of Lan-An Kindergarten and all the personnel of the Foundation, together with the help of the Yun-Ta Foundation and the Social Service Department of the Ministry of the Interior, a total of NT$60,000,000 was raised, thus permitting the project to finally materialize. The center was completed in March,1996.

Category: Dormitory、Sport / Leisure

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