Youth Center for the China Youth Corps and Fu-Da Royal Apartments

Situated in the center of Tao-Yuan City at the original site of the Youth Center on Cheng-Kung Road, Section II, this project is a joint venture between the China Youth Corps and Fu-Da Construction Co. designed to achieve maximum site utilization. The site, being 1,577 sq.m. in area and larger than the minimum (1,500 sq.m) required for application of the Open Space Bonus Ordinance, is arranged to provide suitably sized open space for public use, and in return acquires an increase in floor area ratio as bonus. The building has fourteen stories above and three stories below ground, with a total floor area of 12,667 sq.m.. First and second floors are reserved for commercial use, the upper floors are divided between the China Youth Corps and Fu-Da Royal Apartments as follows: for the China Youth Corps, 3rd through 7th floors serve as office space, 8th through 13th floors contain classrooms, while a staff dormitory occupies the 14th floor. The six classroom floors which face the 20 m. wide Cheng-Kung Road are sheathed in an aluminum and glass curtain wall as a landmark feature. The Fu-Da Royal Apartments contain three units per floor on twelve floors, a total of thirty-six apartments, all with optimum light and air as well as discreetly located service balconies at the rear. The building is set back from Cheng-Kung Road to provide a comfortable urban open space at the front, and a garden area at the back. Total construction cost is approximately NT$210,000,000. The project was completed in 1998.

Category: Office、Sport / Leisure

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