Xinheng Neihu Office Building

The project situates in Neihu Science & Technology Park. Restricted by the 1:7 height limit of the flight path, the biggest challenge for the design is how to fully utilize the allowable floor area by zoning, and achieve maximum development strength, while meeting the expectation of the urban character with good appearance.

The criteria set forth by the design are as follows:

  1. Fully use the first basement with ample areaway to create welcoming commercial space
  2. Respect urban fabric to echo the continuation of the street front
  3. Obtain maximum open space for ground floor
  4. Create green roof to reduce heat gain for the building
  5. Maintain double-layered green landscape


The volume is designed in two parts. The upper part, overhanged to parallel the street to create a strong identity of “Diamond” to echo the corner site, the lower part is slanted inward to allow sufficient setback area for the lower floors.
Site planning fully consider the best vista and minimum impact of automobile / motorcycle for the pedestrian.A double layered landscape for the 4m setback area further enhances the sunken plaza created at B1 level.The challenges of the constraints of this property are basically solved through careful building design and site planning

Location:Neihu, Taipei

Structural system:RC

Site area:2,480㎡

Building coverage:1,400㎡

Total floor area:13,480㎡

No. of stories:3 below, 6 above grade

Design period:2012.05 ~ 2013.04

Const. period:2013.06 ~ 2015.05

Category: Office

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