Xinglong Public Housing Block 1

Xinglong Public Housing Block 1 was built during 1972 ~ 1975 and it has been labeled as a community where the minority gathers. This project aims to refresh its negative image via creating a new environment.

The abuttals of site are uneven and relatively close to the slope. The fragmental land which confronts Muzha Rd. is kept for the open space to avoid noise. The dwelling units are arranged near Ankang Park to actively approach landscape. The height of sidewalk entrance is precisely adjusted as equivalent as the ground for physically challenged passengers. The open space arrangement contextually resembles a multiple-layered green space and yet creates a cozy environment via different height of landscape, for instance, terrace with coconut trees, green roof on motorcycles park lot and a double-layered landscape corridor along to Ankang Park.

This project applies a simple plan that two buildings solidly stand beside each other to create a new spot for entire Xinglong Public Housing Block 1. The corridor between two new buildings conceptually resembles a nature, ventilated and bright space. The lobby of living unit is comparatively beaming and square compared to the old one, barely no lobby at all. Ankang Park where the sun warmly shines and trees lightly sway with breeze is the picture what this project aims to manifest the facade via abundant and dynamic coloring.

According to the city government, the site should strictly follow the requirements, Construction Automation Method, such as Light Dry Compartment Method on inner walls, Precast Curtain Wall Panel on exterior walls and extreme symmetry plan. The reason why this project rigorously obeys such musts is to create a new model for Public Housing.

Location:Lane 2, Sec. 2, Muzha Rd., Wenshan District, Taipei City

Structural system:RC

Site area:3,595㎡

Building coverage:1,553㎡

Total floor area:24,855 ㎡

No. of stories:3 below, 18 above grades, 272 units

Cost:NT$ 965,000,000

Design period:2012.11 ~ 2013.5

Const. period:2013.8 ~ 2015.7

Awards: Gold Award , WACA Housing and Residential Design Award、Outstanding Award, Public Construction Golden Quality Award for Architectural Design、Taipei City Distinguished Public Construction Award

Category: Residential

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