Xiamen Railway Transit One - Multi-Development Planning

Xiamen Railway Transit One is a crucial transportation project to activate railway construction system in the city. The site spans across three railway regions from Chung-Shan Park Station to General Temple Station and Wen-Zaou Station. By integrating urban planning, multi-development strategy, and transportation analysis into design thinking, the project offers a blueprint for a better transportation network and future land use.

The design initiated from the concept “City within City”. Through the combination of ecological environment, urban landscape renewal, and intellectual business development, the design aims to transform the site into a commercial boulevard. An axis is established from Chong-Shan Park Station in a historical district to Wen-Zaou Station in a commercial district. Green plazas are placed throughout the axis to connect activities and events. Yun-Dun Lake on the north and railway park on the south are also taken into consideration during the design process. By preserving and reusing the cultural products in each region, the project aims to develop into a cultural village to enhance local tourist industry.

Located on the east of Chong-Shan National Park, Chong-Shan Park Station region takes up 11 acres. The goal is to extend greenery from the station to Hundred-Unit Village and Xiamen Hotel. Vegetation infiltrates lanes and alleys to form a green network. Apart from some residential units above the station, the original alley culture is preserved to enhance spatial richness. The integrating of commercial and residential programs is to stimulate the development of local culture and creative activities.

General Temple Station takes up 7.4 acres and is located in Wen-Yuan Community in between Chong-Shan Park Station and Wen-Zaou Station. The station is underground with residential buildings above and a series of connected open spaces to establish a south-north axis along the site. Spaces such as community orchestra, concert hall, outdoor theater, residential units, green corridors, commercial area, community center, walkway and bridges are taken into design consideration to establish unique cultural and artistic characteristics in the community.

Wen-Zaou Station region is a 23 acres site situated in downtown Xiamen, closed by Yun-Dun Lake, City Hall, and a train station. The old tobacco factory and chimneys are preserved to be used as an activator of the green belt. The open green space spans north towards Yun-Dun Lake and south towards a light rail bus station. A diversity of programs are placed within the region including mall, hotel, high-end residential, transit center, metro control center, and office. Underground shops scatters along the metro route to connect open spaces along north and south axis. Through the arrangement of city layout and intervals, all buildings are distributed with quality day light. The skyline is deliberately raised up on the south and north ends to establish a unique urban skyline for its city.

Location:Xiamen City

Site area:414,000㎡

Design period:2013.6 ~ 2013.7

Category: Planning、Transportation / Infrastructure

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