Wulaokeng Media Park BOT Project

Wulaokeng Media Park is the largest media production site in Taiwan, where advanced filming skills combined with multiple related business establishments and a series of scenic backgrounds, will be able to portrait 400 years of Taiwan’s recent history, cultivate talented participants of the movie industry, protect desirable historical aspect of town and country and improve the local tourism value.

The design team creates six background scenes for the movie park: Baroque, Dadaochen, Japanese, South Fujian Province, Ming and Qing Dynasty China, and European. The team also intends to build large performance halls for music drama and various artistic activities, living quarters with dining facilities for actors and auxiliary workers, as well as related business establishments on costumes, cosmetics, stage properties, etc.

Wulaokeng Media Park being the most specialized, expert, composite motion picture production site, the client hopes to operate it as a BOT case and render Yilan County as one of the most popular tourist visiting aims for both native and foreign visitors.

Location:Wulaokeng, Yilan County

Structural system:SS and RC

Site area:59.6 hectares (40 hectares developable)

Building coverage:30,212㎡

Total floor area:42,565㎡

No. of stories:1~3 above grade

Design period:2012.12 ~

Category: Culture/Exhibition、Hospitality、Sport / Leisure

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