Visitor Center & Factory, Tianjin Tingjin Food

This project, located on the intersection of Dongting Rd. and 10th Blvd. in Binhai Hi-Tech Industrial Development Area, aims to build two advanced world-leading beverage factories, an office building, visitor center and a temporary working & living unit.


The architectural design of this project is consistent in the styles of other Tingjin Food Buildings in utilizing white, grey, and its corporate color, blue, to form a concise and vibrant-colored profile.


The visitor center is a significant part of Tingjin Food, providing special leisure experience and demonstrating the Chinese beverage cultural evolution process and advanced techniques via incorporation of the production process into the circulation.


The visitor center includes brand display area, tasting area, fans area, souvenirs shop, and the first 720º sky theatre in China. A tourist train also borders the entire site and takes the customers to experience food culture.

Location:Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Development Area, Tianjin City

Structural system:Framing system & Steel

Site area:81,553㎡

Building coverage:46,414㎡

Total floor area:60,258㎡

Category: Manufacturing

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