VIA Technology Nanhui F1 Plant and F2 R&D Building

Located at Nanhui District, Shanghai, Cambridge Industrial Park, the project faces Shen-Jiang Road to the north. The construction scope includes F1 R&D building & F2 main factory along with underground rainwater reclaim chamber & guard house, total construction will be built in stages with unified planning.

Through landscape design for overall site plan, the buildings will be kneaded into the surrounding environment which aims to strengthen the sense of belonging & responsibility for the employees, in the hope of corporate’s culture that science/technology & humanity can be passed on & sustainable.

Façade of F1 adopts extended horizontal envisions on glass curtain wall, complemented by aluminum curtain wall spandrels to obtain a simple & crisp appearance. F2 employs protrude/ recess window walls which consist of glass curtain wall, aluminum panels & shading lowers to form the outline of the volume to complement the natural green landscape.


Structural system:钢筋混凝土

Site area:42,500㎡

Building coverage:F1: 4,040㎡ 、F2:12,425㎡

Total floor area:F1:20,344㎡、F2:48,350㎡

No. of stories:F1:地上五层,地下一层,F2:地上五层,地下一层

Cost:F1: Approximately RMB 95,600,000元 | F2 : Approximately RMB 163,000,000元

Design period: F1:2011.06 – 2013.05,F2:2011. 06 – 2013.05

Const. period:F1:2012.12 – 2014.11

Category: Manufacturing、R&D

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