United Microelectronics Xiamen Campus

The project applied the “Minnan” style, a Chinese vernacular architecture style, upon the form of the swallowtail roof ridge.
The buildings in the campus are open, transparent, and connect spaces with a concise layout in order to constitute a highly efficient and pleasant working environment. The façade of the building volume emphasizes the proportion and materials to present a clean and balanced image. The factory walls employ brick tiles and insulated metal panels to display efficient detail while retaining a solid feel; the office building utilizes glazed curtain walls that interact with each other.
Skylights in the lobby area introduce natural light into the interior and along with the indoor greenery, create a congenial environment.

Location:Xiamen Torch Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone

Structural system:RC, Steel

Site area:254,698 m²

Building coverage:103,106 m²

Total floor area:370,696 m²

No. of stories:Main Manufacturing Plant 4 above grade, Office Building 8 above grade, Dormitory 6 above grade,

Cost:Approximately RMB 1,250,000,000 (excluding MEP)

Design period:2014.10 ~ 2015.04

Const. period:2015.04 ~ 2016.04

Category: Manufacturing

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