Union (Zhenjiang) Chemical Industry Campus

The site primarily is planned to locate a 4-story office & manufacturing building, two 3-story dormitories, and other affiliated facilities. The work scope of the present phase is the office building.

The façade expresses a sense of simplicity, laying its emphasis on the massing’s contrast and the effective interpretation of materials. In order to create a delightful impression of freshness, the building adopts mainly light colors on the exterior and the large areas of glazed curtains are designed to fulfill the interior lighting need. Setbacks and column patterns which are applied to the top and bottom layers enrich the space levels while, at the same time, create a various reflection of light and shadow. In addition, the overhang on the roof contributes to the building's neatness without losing its modesty.   

Full-glazed curtain walls on the fourth floor naturally draw landscape from the roof garden inside, making the space elegant and relaxing for leisure. The whole design presents the multilevel structure clearly and shapes a modernized corporate identity.

Location:International Chemical Industry Area of Dagang town, Dantu District, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province.

Structural system:RC frame structure

Site area:9,588 ㎡

Building coverage:655 ㎡

Total floor area:2,511 ㎡

No. of stories:4 above grade

Design period:2006.12 ~ 2007.04

Const. period:2007.05 ~ 2007.12

Category: Office

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