TSMC Fab 14 P5/P6

TSMC Fab 14 P5/P6

Fab14 is the largest production site for TSMC. All research & development are materialized here and it was the first plant to obtain diamond class green building certification in Taiwan and Gold class certification in LEED of USGBC. This norm becomes the standard for all TSMC plants.


TSMC’s vibrant sustainable ideal has layed forth a good example of environmental conscious production plants. With the San Bao Bamboo Lake on the west side, which the water ripples glittery upon sunshine, the design of this complex therefore uses this “Sparkling ripples” as analogy. Vertical insulated metal panels with different shades of grey are employed on the plant walls, while perforated shading panels are used for office building. The theme helped to create an interesting rhythm on the immerse walls & softened the scale of the building, at the same time blend naturally with surrounding the water & landscape.

Location:Southern Taiwan Science Park

Structural system:Office: SS&RC,Fab: SRC

Site area:201,610 ㎡

Building coverage:Office: 5,747㎡,Fab: 94,050㎡

Total floor area:Office: 89,407㎡,Fab: 436,582㎡

No. of stories:Office: 3 below, 9 above grade,Fab: 2 below, 4 above grade

Design period:Office: 2012. 02 ~ 2014. 04,Fab: 2011.11 ~ 2012.10

Const. period:Office: 2012.11 ~ 2014. 07,Fab: 2012.10 ~ 2014.05

Awards: Outstanding Intelligent Building Design Award、Outstanding Green Building Design Award

Category: Manufacturing、Office

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