Tianjin Factory, TingYi International Food

This project, located on the intersection of 13th Blvd and Lunan Rd, is the first second-generation, fully-automatic food factory. The project consists of 4 advanced instant noodle factories and other affiliated facilities such as a seasoning factory, condensed ingredients factory, PE factory, flat warehouse, stereoscopic warehouse, central kitchen, and an office building. 


The master plan adopts a human-oriented method to manage the building layout, volume, greenery, and circulation to provide a comfortable working environment and delighted user experience.


A tourist electric train also borders the office building, visitor center, and the factories to form a vivid circulation that provides special leisure experience and closeness with the customers.

Location:Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Development Area, Tianjin City

Structural system:Framing system & Steel

Site area:103,519㎡

Building coverage:25,954㎡

Total floor area:57,282㎡

Category: Manufacturing

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