TFT/LCD Plant, Quanta Display Inc.

Situated in the Hwa-Ya Science Park of Linkou, Taoyuan County, the new plant for Quanta Display is programmed around the production of “LCD”(liquid crystal display) and “TFT”(thin film transitory) units. The structure, of reinforced concrete and steel construction, has one floor below and six floors above ground.
The administration building was sheathed with glass curtain wall exterior.

In addition to fulfilling functional and technical requirements, the design strives to recall the image and formal language of the parent of fab. As Quanta Computer Inc. used a symbolic open book for the design theme, this design continued its concept along the same line. The structural principle of “LCD” and “TFT” was invoked; three curvilinear glass walls intersect to suggest three interlocking thin films in the form of an electronic book. These walls also recall the curved surfaces of Quanta Plant I. The intersecting glass walls define the indoor office space, the semi-outdoor entry area, and a pair of outdoor spaces. To the north side of the office area is a sunken plaza, to the south side is a landscape sculpture garden. Both outdoor spaces are partially enclosed by a glazed framework, forming an open-air extension of the main structure. A sequentially stepping solid and void interplay lessens the building’s massiveness and mitigates the non-parallel relation between the building and the street.

Structure design of the large, curved glass curtain wall had to deal with wind pressure、earth tremors、it’s own super size and connection to the main building. A solution was finally crafted using light-weight steel frame held in place by pre-stressed cable.

Category: Landscape

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