TEP Manufacturing Plant for Chung-Hwa Picture Tubes

TEP Manufacturing Plant for Chung-Hwa Picture Tubes, Ltd.

This project is located in Badeh Village of Taoyuan County and was completed in October, 1996.
A three-storey building with basement for the production of picture tubes, it has a total floor area of 47,540 sq. m. and a construction cost of NT$ 450,000,000.
As the general environment of the site is somewhat chaotic, our primary design challenge was to create a sense of order and composure in site planning. To accomplish this aim, the main production plant is set back 15 meters from the access road and an entry plaza is created, framed by an administration wing on one side and a staff dining hall on the other. The main building, 344 meters in length, is divided into two sections: a head and a body. The former, enclosed by aluminum and glass curtain wall to symbolize the hi-tech form and function of picture tubes, forms the focal point of interest at the entrance. The latter, containing the production lines, is sheathed in sandwich panels in the form of a procession of marching trains. Primary colors are blue and green, with red linear moldings emphasizing horizontality. A modular composition of square and oblong windows at 6-meter intervals further creates a sense of rhythm over the length of the structure.


Chunghwa TFT/LCD Plant I, Chunghwa Picture Tubes Co., Ltd.

Located in Pa-Teh City of Taoyuan County, the site has an area of 130,305 square meters and contains two buildings: the main structure, TFT/LCD Plant I, is a four story building of steel construction with a ground coverage of 11,105 square meters and total floor area of 35,496 square meters; the auxiliary mechanical building is two stories in height and built of reinforced concrete with a ground coverage and total floor area of 1,185 and 1,878 square meters respectively.
Cost for the architectural work of the main building was NT$ 425,000,000, and for the auxiliary building: NT$ 25,000,000. Construction was completed in May, 1999.
The ground floor of the main plant contains public utilities, the 2nd and 3rd floors are used as TFT and LCD production areas respectively, and the 4th floor contains administration offices and electrical equipment rooms. The production zones on the 2nd and 3rd floors are cleanrooms surrounded by observation corridors, mechanical and air condition equipment rooms on the perimeter. Exterior walls are sheathed in silver-gray insulating steel panels and green reflective glass to convey an image of high-tech efficiency and precision with minimal expenditure.


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