Technology Building, Winbond Electronics

The design seeks to meld concerns for both scientific expression and human comfort, in addition to fulfilling its basic administrative functions.


A semi-transparent arcade encircles the rear portion of the first and second floors, where a lobby, art gallery, coffee shop, dining room and conference center are located; the arcade forms a semi-private courtyard serving as an extension of indoor spaces and an urban focus for the neighborhood. The building is oriented north-south, with windowless service spaces placed on the west side minimizing heat gain. Principal administrative space are rectilinear in form, with windows on opposite sides for better natural light. Exterior walls are clad in stone and low heat-transmission glass; sunscreens are provided on the south side for heat gain control.


The Neihu Science & Technology Park is the newest center for various high-tech Industry building in Taipei. As each owner is trying outdo others with attention-grabbing designs, the effect is often discordant and jarring. With the support of our client, the design therefore chose to use a simple, dignified composition aiming for an enduring aesthetic quality to outlast the transient surrounding fashions.

Location:Neihu Science and Technology Park, Taipei

Structural system:Steel

Site area:3,610㎡

Building coverage:1,715㎡

Total floor area:24,310㎡

No. of stories:3 floors below grade、12 floors above grade

Design period:1999.10 ~ 2000.04

Const. period:2000.04 ~ 2002.05

Category: Office

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