Teaching and Research Complex, National Central University

National Central University is located in Shuang-Lien Hills, Jung-Li City, covering an area of 62 hectares. Adjacent to the airway city, Taoyuan, the university is endowed with outstanding geographic accessibility. With the completion of the Teaching and Research Complex, the university is sure to assume the role as the city’s “generator of creativity” and promote cultural interactions between the university and the city to achieve the goal of “Scientific NCU, Cultural NCU.”


The Complex will occupy the central area of the campus and consist of three parts: an auditorium accommodating over 1,600 people, multi-functional classroom units and a research center. The auditorium will sit in a verdant pine grove and is designed with the imagery of pine cones to project a sense of progressive spatial layers and a fullness of spiritual essence, as well as checkered reverberating acoustics. The stringing of the entry plaza, lobby, art gallery, elevated corridor, and indoor/outdoor audience seating not only fulfills research purposes inside the campus, but also provides a classy venue for public activities. Thus, the Complex is sure to serve the greater Taoyuan region as the artistic and cultural center.


The research spaces will encompass a collection of the first-rate research centers to facilitate interdisciplinary interactions. Multi-purpose classroom units include an international conference room with a seating capacity for 300 people, two for 230, and two lecture halls for 150 people for general education and international conference purposes.


The design of the Complex is based on the concept of sustainable development of the campus. It incorporates the existing contours of the campus and vegetation, along with the surrounding open spaces to arrange for outdoor and semi-outdoor activities. Hence, this interactive artistic platform of the City will not only satisfy the variety of needs of the university, but also realize a triple-win strategy for the government, the university and the local residents.

Location:Jung-Li Campus

Structural system:主体为钢筋混凝土,部分钢骨构造

Site area:16,200㎡

Building coverage:6,600㎡

Total floor area:23,200㎡

No. of stories:1 below, 5 above grade

Cost: 约新台币700,000,000元

Design period:2009.1 ~ 2009.8

Const. period:2009.9 ~ 2011.5

Category: Culture/Exhibition、Education

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