Taoyuan Branch, BinKun Women's and Children's Hospital

The project is located in Taoyuan City, an area that flanks two major roads on the south and north. To the north of the site lies a designated area for an elementary school and park.

An open plaza with a garden is placed at the entrance, to connect both sides and create a friendly pedestrian environment. The entrance of the building faces a 55-m greenbelt on Ciwen Rd together with ecological green walls and waterscape. These design elements create a seasonal landscape and amicable urban environment.

The terrace on the fifth floor covered with thin-layer greenery, and open space with seats provides recreation and shading area. Multilayer shrubs and flowers are arranged to reduce energy consumption and to clean air as well as create a healing environment with little creatures.

A gentle hug delivers eternal care:
The project staggers on the elevation and floor plans by its function and special site condition. The two different building volumes stand adjacently to express the act of hugging and the women-children imagery. The building figure creates a rich vocabulary without any visual impacts through volume fragmentation and comfortable open space. In the end, it becomes a small-scale yet beautiful, pleasant landmark in the neighborhood.

Most of the materials in this project are in natural color to express the innocence of infants, so grey rocks, glass, and dark brown aluminum panels are employed to deliver the congenial feelings to the nature.

The elevation uses glass on the northern side to take in more sunlight and views while stone and tile are the main characteristics on the rest of the 3 directions. Narrow and thin fenestration windows are utilized to reduce western sunlight exposure and the interruption of surrounding buildings. The materials on the elevation help reduce the usage of artificial lighting and building energy consumption.

Location:Taoyuan City

Structural system:RC

Site area:1,022㎡

Building coverage:9,071㎡

Total floor area:13,077㎡

No. of stories:3 below, 9 above grade

Cost:NT$ 560,000,000

Design period:2017.05 ~

Category: Healthcare

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