Taiwan Business Association Headquarters Building

The project is located in Xiamen City, Fujian Province, International Convention and Exhibition Center area, the area of the Xiamen Guanyin Mountain CBD International Business Center. The north side of the site for the Xiabao Road, on the west side of the tapu Road, east of planning six road, East Road around the island, south of the Strait of Pearl Plaza. Beautiful natural landscape rich, surrounding and convenient transportation, municipal facilities in place. Construction site area of 8238.399 square meters, the north-south direction of the strengths of about 72 meters at its widest point approximately 131 meters east-west direction, the site from west to east, about 4 meters high is poor, venue construction in good condition.
The case will expand north and east of the main facade of the building toward the base, so as to face the sea, and take full advantage of the landscape value of the base; case selection rectangle as the plane shape of the main building, try to play it in the structural performance, economy and indoor use space on the edge, make the building a harmonious integration into the surrounding urban architecture space; commercial space in the east-west extension off the north office entrance foyer combination of space and the main building, west and east of the commercial space entrance, the height difference reasonable solution to the the Tapu Road and 6 ground height difference of the problems caused by space in the building and people flow line.

Location:Xiamen, Fujian, China

Structural system:RC

Site area:8,238㎡

Building coverage:3,024㎡

Total floor area:52,050㎡

No. of stories:3 below, 15 above grade

Design period:2011.12 ~ 2013.5

Const. period:2013.5 ~ 2015.5

Category: Office

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