Taitung Christian Hospital Affiliated Nursing Home

Due to the development of an aging society and the demand for long-term medical care services, Taitung Christian Hospital established a nursing home that features clinical medical treatment and a long-term care center for the elderly, providing Taitung people with a holistic service of caring, nursing and medical treatment.

To achieve effective use of the land and reasonability of internal space, the narrow, triangular site is configured with L-shaped volumes and an atrium encircled to form a lounging space. The basement serves as carpark, and the ground level offers the main amenities including the lobby, restaurant, rehab room and daycare center. The 84-bed nursing home is located in floors 2 and 3, the care center in floors 4 to 6, among which floors 5 and 6 are designed as Group Home. 7 rooms are grouped in one unit, and a common living room, restaurants and a kitchen are planned to strengthen the interaction among the inhabitants and create a “homey” atmosphere.

The building façade adopts the hospital’s original color theme to express the corporate image. The main material, exposed aggregate and brick-red tiles, are used to display an image merged with modern functions and the simplicity of Taitung. Besides the original wall surface materials, wooden sunshades are set on the exterior walls to not only achieve the energy-saving function of a green building, but also transform the stereotypical solemn impression of traditional medical institutions to express an outlook of closeness to the environment and the land.

Location:Taitung city

Structural system:RC

Site area:2,221㎡

Building coverage:1,260㎡

Total floor area:9,227㎡

No. of stories:1 below, 6 above grade


Design period:2004.03 - 2006.12

Const. period:2007.01 - 2008.08

Joint Venture Architect: Chiu-Hwa Wang

Category: Continuing-Care Retirement Communities、Healthcare

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