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Taipei Performing Art Center

Historically, Taiwanese culture has encompassed a rich blend of Confucian Han Chinese, Japanese, European, American, southern Asian, and indigenous influences. This diversity, combined with Taiwan’s ongoing social and political struggle for self-determination, has forged a strong, distinctive and resilient national identity. In the spirit of Taiwan’s time-honored cultural diversity, and its more recent social and political resilience, the Performing Art Center embodies a series of contrasts and counterpoints:


  • Urban Connector AND Iconic Jewel

The Performing Arts Center stands out as an icon, its facets immediately identifiable from all corners of the city. Simultaneously, the complex is at one with its urban environment—seamlessly connected to its immediate surroundings, via public plazas, 24-hour linkages, dynamic facades and covered arcades. The complex is monumental in stature yet grounded in its context.


  • Quotidian AND Symbolic

The Performing Arts Center embraces Taiwanese culture’s reverence for the theater as a fundamentally open art form. The Center is conceived not only as a ceremonial setting for theater as high art, but moreover as an inclusive “People’s Theater” that is woven into everyday life. Theater-goers, visitors, and passersby alike engage as both participant and observer in the public spectacle facilitated by the center’s overlapping variety of spaces.


  • Regional Landmark AND International Destination

While specific to its local context, the Performing Arts Center provides a state-of-the-art, world-class facility, equipped to meet the highest international artistic standards. The project anchors Taipei’s new cultural axis and elevates Taiwan as a global nexus of cultural and social distinction. Taipei epitomizes the boundless potential of the city, that most profound creation of humanity; it is the location of continuous regeneration, and a place of infinite possibilities. In the broadest sense, the new Performing Arts Center becomes the “great theater” that is “the outward and visible sign” of this great city.

Category: Culture/Exhibition

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