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Taipei Fine Arts Museum Addition

The Taipei Fine Arts Museum was designed with the tube-like geometry. The beauty of the building is the rhythm between tubes which consists in a unique order, like music.


The main idea of new additional lobby for Taipei Fine Arts Museum is not only a connector between new and old but also create a new experience that leading visitors to perceive the beauty of existing architecture itself. A ramp is placed in-between new and old; moreover the space is a threshold which freezes time and arts. Visitors not only can enjoy the arts but also the beauty of existing architecture elevations. The idea of threshold is a sky light gallery playing a void space to reveal the in-between space.


The material of channel glass for the exterior will be used to respond the white concrete existing building. In the day time, the new addition will unite with existing building. At night, the light in the new addition, whose walls consist of large amounts of semi-translucent façades; have been perfectly calibrated along with the use of fluorescents to account for the varying luminosity from season to season,
and even from day to night.


The new addition not only contains restaurants, cafeteria, bookstore, and gift shop, but also provides linkage with the large green spaces in the south. It also provides a bridge to link the Taipei City Museum across the street.

Location:Taipei, Taiwan

Site area: 4,304 m²

Total floor area:3,450 m²

Design period:2008.06

Category: Culture/Exhibition

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