Taipei Xin-Yi Zone A15, A18 and A20 Project

Collaborating Architect: Kengo Kuma and Associates

The project occupies a site located in the Xin-Yi Zone of Taipei City, jointly proposed by our office the Japanese architects Kengo Kuma and Associates, commissioned by Cathay Life Insurance Company. It aims for the development of three contiguous blocks, A15, A18 and A20, into a place of landmark stature. Building height is not a main consideration while it is desired to obtain an organic arrangement of architecture and outdoor spaces such as open-air theatres, sidewalk cafes, sculpture gardens and landscaped terraces, to blend social activities and artistic creations with the natural environment which will also elevate commercial benefits.

The site is located near the center of Xin-Yi Zone, west of the Taipei 101 and World Trade Center. The design uses large open spaces such as hotel lobby, sky bar, banquet hall etc. to separate floors of different functions, organically arranged buildings parts connect with outdoors theatres, roof gardens etc. for a variety of social activities. Multiple leveled open spaces could provide varied type of human activities which joins art display with commercial activities. Hotel lobby with broad open space placed in the middle of a building serves as a space separator. Although the buildings are not the tallest in the area but they form a mountain like a grouping to blend with the natural scenery & offers a new vibrancy to the city.

Category: Commercial / Mixed Use、Paper Architecture、Planning

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