Taipei Street Furniture Design

Street furniture for Taipei major streets is a Contemporary interpretation of “Ming style” furniture. The concept behind the design of Taipei’s street furniture combines the beauty of classical Ming Dynasty style Chinese furniture and innovative use of modern construction as well as materials. It is characterized as modern transformation of Ming furniture with the following essences:

  • Complementary balance between form and function
  • Harmonious combination of Chinese furniture curves and efficient industrial precision
  • Chinese “cloud curve” decoration providing fluid links between installations and their unique urban context

Industrial design and state-of-the-art contemporary technology also play an important role in this design. The bent honeycomb panels and extruded aluminum frames are working together with it’s elegant curves shape which enables the free-standing bus shelter the strength to withstand the island’s extreme weather conditions, including gusty winds of 140km/h typhoons. Bus shelters coated with mold-resistant surface paint also helps reducing the maintenance effort.

Traditional Taiwanese decorative elements are transformed and adopted in several instances, i.e. the touch-up cap on the large poster pillar and the classical patterned skylight that shed light on bus shelters. Continuous curve features a theme to string up the series of seven separate types of street furniture. The result is an optically attractive interaction between pedestrians and displays that introduces a new dimension to invigorate Taipei’s public urban space.

Location:13 Taipei major bus routes


Design period:2005.07 ~ 2006.04

Const. period:2006.10 ~ 2007.09

Bus shelter: 691 sets

Seat: 233 sets

Poster pillar: 18 pieces

Bin、bike rack: 712、65 pieces

Category: Landscape、Transportation / Infrastructure

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