Taipei Pop Music Center

The idea of this project is to form a live music hub that creates richly diverse experiences reflective of Taipei’s music scene. The design knits together unique venues—large and small—with indoor, outdoor and semi-enclosed public spaces, forming a dense urban architecture connected through the live experience of music.

Concentration of the program into essentially one building offers the added advantage and a rare opportunity of liberating space for an urban park of significant size. This urban park is a space where citizens of this rapidly-developing section of Taipei will come together with visitors to the TPMC, thus becoming an important element in the social structure of the neighborhood. The result will be a higher quality urban environment, not only for the TPMC, but for the entire Taipei city.

In Taiwan, every big outdoor party starts with a tent—their colorful, illuminated fabric protects guests from rain while defining a space for diverse social occasions. Tents signify fun. The building we propose performs as a gargantuan Bando tent. It shields visitors from the rain while creating an atmosphere that feels at once indoor, outdoor and festive. Like a tent, it serves as a meeting place where diverse musical experiences can be shared by creating a space for the dynamic and nomadic relationships between audiences and bands. Architecturally, the building amplifies energy by making activities visible under one shared roof.

Spanning Xin Sheng Road and touching down in the park, the TPMC building unites the two parcels of the site with the added benefits of creating shelter for the plaza and serving as a pedestrian crossover when the road is open to traffic. This urban gesture, when combined with a vibrant park-design, activates the public spaces and natural areas, linking them together with daily activities and special events.

Location:Taipei City

Structural system:Steel truss and partial RC structures

Site area:76,400㎡

Building coverage:20,300㎡

Total floor area:55,810㎡

No. of stories:1 below, 5 above grade

Cost:NT$ 3,500,000,000

Design period:2009.11 ~ 2010.01

Collaborating architect : 美国Studio Gang Architects合作,国际比图第二名

Category: Culture/Exhibition

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