Taipei Main Station and Central Park Regional Planning Project

The planning area stretches from Taipei Main Station Special-Use Zone (from Tamsui River to Zhong Shan N. Road) to Huashan Urban Planning District (from Zhong Shan N. Road to Shin Sheng N. Road), which include 30-meter width along Zhong Xiao W. Rd and Civic Boulevard.
The project intends to establish a central park in Taipei which provides the city with greenery and cultural events. It will also be connected to Taipei Main Station and some of the most important governmental facilities. Through which, the project will promote the following urban development strategies:
1. Establish activity-belt from Taipei Main Station to the central park
2. Target the scale and programs for developing zones
3. Evaluate land-use and urban design regulations
4. Suggest possible development guidelines
Apart from establishing urban infrastructure, city green-belt, and open spaces, each zone will be designed with its regional characteristics and development guidelines. The project aims to create an intimate partnership with the governmental institutes in each zone, and to ensure seamless communication between every Detail Plan in order to elevate the general quality of the city.

Category: Paper Architecture、Planning

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