Tainan Factory Phase I, Marketech

Situated in the Tainan Science Based Industrial Park densely populated by high-tech manufacturers, the site is long and narrow in a east-west orientation, with a 50 meter wide main road bordering its west side. The client wishes to first develop the eastern portion of the site as an administration area and the western site for factory buildings, while public services, staff lounge and dining hall were in the center.
Exterior of the Administrative Buildings consists of white baked aluminum panels and semi-reflective glass curtain walls, encased in a dark gray horizontal frame work for sobriety. An exterior steel stair connecting the main and staff entrances creates interest in an otherwise symmetrical plan, with a friendly blue colored glass shield separation, so that both entrances share a common entry court yet may be independently controlled. The factory buildings are sheathed in light gray colored, 45x95mm glazed tiles, with a white horizontal band for added interest.
A red canopy at the center and a pool express a unique high-tech character while also fulfilling fire-extinguishing needs, the pool is further shielded by a set of three stainless steel frames to deter immediate perception of the entrance, with the sound of flowing water providing a comforting sense of tranquility.

Location:Tainan Science-Based Industrial Park

Structural system:RC、steel

Site area:22,000㎡

Building coverage:5,000㎡

Total floor area:18,000㎡

No. of stories:office:6 above grade、factory:3 above grade

Design period:2003.12 – 2004.04

Const. period:2004.04 – 2005.04

Category: Manufacturing

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