Suang-Lien Xinzhuang Social Welfare Center

The project is located at the core of the secondary city center of Xinzhuang. The site is 17.4 meters wide and 72 meters long, with a setback requirement for the pedestrian walkway at the north front and east side, thus resulting in the long and narrow form of the building.

The first floor is planned as a clinic for health rehabilitation, second and third floors provide daycare services for the elderly, the fourth floor has a public dining room and kitchen. The Welfare Center also provides meal delivery, house visits, and consultation by phone when required. The open-air terraces on the 2nd and 3rd floors are provided with “healing gardens”, where people may sit and chat or take a walk among planted greeneries, or do their own planting in 90 cm high planters designed with open bottoms for wheelchair access. There is also a landscaped terrace on the 4th floor for outdoor dining.

Building form and exterior design:
Simulating the humble form of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples, the design employs a series of concrete bent plates at the north and east side of the building. The bent plates and the sign of the cross at the top of the elevator tower are painted white to contrast with the light grey pebble finished exterior walls behind.

Location:Zhongyang Rd, Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City

Structural system:RC

Site area:12,52㎡

Building coverage:716㎡

Total floor area:2,092㎡

No. of stories:1below, 4 above grade

Cost:TWD 80,000,000

Design period:2013.10 ~ 2014.08

Const. period:2014.11 ~ 2015.09

Category: Continuing-Care Retirement Communities、Healthcare

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