Stockholm Library

From the outset of the design competition, the program called for a new library adjacent to the existing one designed by Erik Gunnar Asplund now listed as Grade 1 historical landmark. The brief specifically ask the design entries to fully respect the existing library in terms of its significance in the history of modern architecture as well as its symbolic gesture at this very site.

The massing of the new library begins with a humble strategy which is to create a volume identical in length, width and height in comparison to the existing library at its immediate adjacency. The design of the new library was then conceptualized in an interplay of new versus old, transparency versus opaqueness, decentralization versus centralization and public domain versus private usage.

The main conceptual framework behind the new library was to provide a circulation system which encourages flow and visibility when moving through the space within. A double helix ramp system was introduced to not only separate the public visitors from the library administrators, but also to maneuver people from floor to floor with the means of a pedestrian system that would seamlessly and effortlessly connect various programs with one continuous ribbon-like path.

The floors were complimented along the same concept of a double helix system where one surface is provided to serve the general public while the other is made to accommodate the daily work for the library staff. The curtain wall on the exterior also reflects this alternating switch between the pubic and the private on different levels.

The design for the new Stockholm library meant to complement the existing library with resemblance in massing and contrasts in concepts. It not only fully respects and integrate the existing library designed by Asplund, but also intends to make a statement of its very own, a new way of reading in the twenty-first century.


Total floor area:29,162 ㎡

Design period:2006 / competition entry

Category: Culture/Exhibition、Paper Architecture

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