Standard Factory Stage I Site Reconstruction

Eight manufacturing companies rented standard factories in the Science-based Industrial Park; they found the rental space inadequate for their needs, so decided to jointly reconstruct the factories on the same site. It is excellently situated at the center of the park and the super-highway to the west, highly visible to heavy passing traffic.

The project was built in two stages. First, a main building eight stories high with two basement levels was built on the northern half of the site, then a two-level underground garage for cars and motorcycles is added at the front. Except for the garage entry ramp and some visitor parking space, the site is a landscaped forecourt, profusely planted to give a warm, nature ambience.

The main building has a ground-floor entrance for a bank on the east side; two lobbies on the south access dual vertical transportation cores serving the other seven manufacturing companies. Double service cores and mechanical equipment space is arranged adjacent to a loading dock on the north side. The canopy and glazed transportation cores on the south side emphasize the twin entry lobbies, while the horizontally cantilever office space signifies a spirit of joint venture for the eight companies. A curved curtain wall on the west alludes to the sensation of speed of the passing highway traffic. Exterior walls are warm toned to harmonize with the neighboring buildings.

Location:Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park

Structural system:RC

Site area:14,160㎡

Building coverage:4,900㎡

Total floor area:48,730㎡

No. of stories:2 floors below grade、8 floors above grade

Cost:NT$ 465,700,000

Design period:1998.10 ~ 1999.04

Const. period:1999.05 ~ 2000.10

Category: Adaptive Reuse、Manufacturing、R&D

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