Social Welfare Park of Suang-Lien Presbyterian Church, Taipei

Phase I

The Elderly Care Center will serve seniors who are healthy as well as those who require care and assistance. It is situated in the lower left area of the site, in an L-shaped 7-story structure with basement, having ground coverage of about 8,600 sq. m. The basement contains a dining room, a multi-purpose assembly hall, a work-out room and recreational facilities; ground floor is occupied by an administration center and “evergreen” classrooms; 78 single and double rooms are provided on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors for self-care seniors, 24 rooms for residents requiring care and assistance take up the 5th and 6th floors. The 7th floor contains 6 staff dormitory rooms and a laundry.


Phase II

In accordance with the master plan and Phase I building our office designed for the Shuang-Lien Congregation, Phase II work continues to strive for a barrier-free, pleasant and comfortable living environment for the healthy elderly members.
A canopy of cantilevered light steel construction connects the Phase I and II buildings, creating a warm, inviting entry image. The entrance lobby is similarly constructed of light weight steel and glass to provide a brightly lit area between the two buildings. The ground floor is designed to suit the natural contours of the land, with several platforms of diverse functions connected by ramps and generously glazed, forming an interesting and cheerful public space. The basement contains an art gallery and gymnasium, well lit by light wells which also bring in a view of the landscaped terraces. Connection is made by a corridor to the Phase I Seniors Classrooms and Assembly hall. Living quarters consist of 20 double rooms and 144 single rooms, with 54 guest rooms in the basement for visiting scholars. A lounge is provided on every floor while the dining room is situated on the seventh floor for the best view.


Phase III

Phase III of Suan-Lien Center for The Elderly is the first care zone in the nation that adopts Unit Care system for caring of people with dementia. A chapel for congregating and recreation is built along with the wellness and long-term care facilities of phases I and II, providing the elderly people with dementia a holistic nursing environment.
The central service space, nursing station, observation room and physical therapy room occupy the core of the building. Each care unit is arranged to a specific area like a “windmill.” Individual unit is equipped with 10 beds and a foyer, vestibule, living room, kitchen, personal bedroom, and a passage to the therapeutic garden. The circulation and arrangement inside and outside the zone provide the elderly with dementia a trailing route, allowing them to participate in various activities. Decoration and images familiar to the patients can be furnished based on each case, to bring back deep memory long lost and transform the “environment” into a healing tool for people with dementia.

Location:Sanchi District, New Taipei City

Structural system:SS & RC

Site area:33,100 m²

Building coverage:Phase I - 8,670 m² | Phase II - 2,200 m² | Phase III - 1,522 m² | Church - 995 m²

Total floor area:Phase I - 8,670 m² | Phase II - 13,100 m² | Phase III - 5,075 m² | Church - 1,264m²

No. of stories:Phase I/1 below, 7 above grade; Phase II/1 below, 8 above grade; Phase III/1 below, 4 above grade; Church:2 above grade

Cost:Approximately NT$1,000,000,000 (Phase I~III)

Design period:1997.10 ~ 2007.08

Const. period:1998.03 ~ 2009.11

Category: Planning

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