Shichih R & D Center - Development Center for Bio-Technology

Situated on an irregularly-shaped slope, the site contains three buildings. Building A was already near completion when we were commissioned to design the remaining two structures as well as the site work, parking, landscape design, and waste treatment plant. Building B, the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Research Building, is five stories high with basement; ground floor contains lecture hall and dining room for the complex, administration offices are located on the second floor and laboratories are on the third through fifth floors. In the basement is a GMP pilot plant, and supporting areas. Total floor area 7,575 sq.m., construction cost NT$160,350,000, completed in
1994. Building C, the Drug Safety Research Building, is six stories high with basement. With laboratories on the first three floors, SPF animal rooms on the fourth floor, and regular animal rooms on the top floor with their air-conditioning and ancillary service areas in between. A conference/lounge is provided for each floor. Total floor area 8,063 sq.m.; cost NT$196,990,000, and was completed in 1995. Buildings B and C will be linked by a glazed bridge at the second floor. The waste treatment plant is located at the low end of the site , and provides temporary parking space on its roof; it will be connected to Building C by a bridge. In site planning, a garden plaza has been created between Buildings A and C; Building B is U-shaped, forming an entry court which faces the plaza thus linking the three structures into a unified whole by landscape design. Service access as are arranged at opposite ends , and outdoor parking is provided at the northern end of site.

Joint Venture Architect: Chiu Hwa Wang

Category: Biotechnology / Pharmaceutical、Manufacturing、R&D

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