Shenzhen R&D Center, VIA Technologies

Embarks upon the design strategy of “less is more”, This project employs the character “V” in VIA Technologies’ logo to generate an oblique expression in elevation. Through this simple, contemporary and delicate approach, a sense of richness and complexity is created. 

Floor plates of the above 30 story tall tower reduce to create a slender profile and to minimize a sense of visual oppression inherent to a large building. A glass curtain wall wraps the tower, at once further lessening the tower’s physical presence and opening each of the floors to a panoramic view of Shenzhen. When viewed from the city, the glass becomes an expansive canvas, reflecting the light as it changes from dawn to dusk. This continual exchange among people, architecture and nature animates the building and becomes an unending source of inspiration to its user.

Location:Nanshan district, China

Structural system:truss system

Site area:6,000㎡

Total floor area:63,160㎡

No. of stories:3 below, 32 above grade

Design period:2008.01 ~ 2010.08

Const. period:2010.10 ~ 2013.06

Collaborating architect : JOSHUA JIH PAN, Jong-Yu Cheng, Robin, C. K. Tang and Yu Ting Wu

Category: Office

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