Shanghai Standard Foods Taicang Factory

The project is situated at Shanghai Standard Foods Production Company’s land for food production, administration and storage. Primary buildings include four production plants, three warehouses, two administration buildings and one workers’ building for meals, rest and related services.


The architectural forms and fenestration seek to express a high-tech image, combined with landscape design to suggest a merging of science and nature. Appropriate combination of solid exterior walls and glazing create strong contrast and effective shadows while difference of style according to building use provides variety and interest. The design tries to find inspiration from neighboring buildings, with the aim of achieving a certain continuity between traditional culture and modern expression of our time.

Location:Taicang City, Jiangsu Province

Structural system:RC & SC

Site area:199,475 ㎡

Building coverage:89,887㎡ (Phase I:20,886㎡)

Total floor area:184,620㎡(Phase I :33,516㎡)

No. of stories:Highest at 7 above grade

Design period:2012.01 ~ 2013.02

Const. period:2013.02 ~ 2014.05

PCM: I Cheng General Contractor

Category: Logistics、Manufacturing

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