The Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank Headquarters Building

The site, 1800㎡, is at the intersection of the two most important & busiest streets. Upon completion, the “tree” imaged building will become the landmark of the city, & a literal harmonious echoing of one of the best tree lined streets of Taipei. The interweaving tree trunk exterior wall not only echoes the environment but also serves as a net typed structure design which allows total column free for interior space. The building is 16 stories above & 5 below grade. From bottom up, B2 ~ B5 are for parking & mechanical. B1 is for public lecture hall of 500 & employees ’training use. Ground & second floor are banking halls with independent access. 3rd ~ 13th floors are for office use. Employees’ dining occupies the 14th floor which has great view and roof garden as the result of building code set back requirement. 15th & 16th floors are for top management executives with best view & its commanding position.

The window walls are designed not only to allow more natural light, but also to provide natural ventilation when the weather is mild. Both features offer reduction of energy consumption & are more environmentally friendly.

The overall design of this physically restricted site is aiming not only to create a visible CIS for the bank, but also to demonstrate the company’s intention - to be a good member of the city & a friendly neighbor to the environment.

Location:Section 1, Civic Rights East Road, Taipei

Structural system:SS

Site area:2,333㎡

Building coverage:1,300㎡

Total floor area:29,033㎡

No. of stories:5 below, 16 above grade

Design period:2014.01 ~ 2019.08

Const. period:2020.01 ~ 2023.04

Category: Commercial / Mixed Use、Office

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