Second Campus , Feng-Chia University (Dormitory 8 Building and Related Renovation+Landscape Works)

The Second Campus of Feng-Chia University is located about 800 meters north of the Main Campus, planned to provide living quarters for more than 4,000 students and visiting scholars. The assignment included the renovation of basement areas of Dormitories 6 and 7, a new Dormitory 8 for female students, and surrounding landscape work.

For Dormitories 6 and 7, the design suggested to excavate a sunken courtyard between the two buildings to replace their basement walls with glass, connecting the two buildings and transforming a dark, damp, underground area into a bright and lively social space. Concrete pavers, stone benches, plus lighting system added further amenity.

For Dormitory 8, the first basement contains motorcycle parking and convenient stores, while the second basement is used for car parking. A dining hall for 150, a book store, plus living quarters for handicapped students and the custodian are arranged on the ground floor. The second through tenth floors provide 396 4-person bedrooms. Public spaces on the ground floor and first basement have large windows, skylights, porches, canopies and open stairs to provide a vibrant living environments.

Landscape work consisted of providing an outdoor social space link through a "Landscaped Boulevard" with lighting fixtures. Dormitory 8 is thus connecting to the semi-circular central campus plaza and the sunken courtyard of Dormitories 6 and 7.


Structural system:R.C. & moment frame(dormitory 8)

Site area:11,165m2

Building coverage:2,480m2 (dormitory 8)

Total floor area:27,890m2 (dormitory 8)

No. of stories:2 below、10 above grade(dormitory 8)


Design period:1998.12 ~ 1999.10

Const. period:1999.11 ~ 2001.10

Category: Dormitory、Education

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