ScinoPharm Taiwan Injection Plant

ScinoPharm Taiwan is an international pharmaceutical company which does R/D & production of API and median. With its specialization in cancer drug API, the company had decided to satisfy vast customers’ need for injection version thus building this new plant in its Tainan campus.

The new plant respected the original campus testure & is placed alongside the original plant. It extends from south to north to strengthen the street front image, and to visibly show its corporate history in the intention of sustainable development. The siting of the new plant massing also helped to define the green open spaces. Green roof & wall for the new building further emphasize the total green campus that the company wishes to create.

The main elevation of the building is designed to showcase the company’s English abbreviation “SP”, & the west elevation chose the punched openings to reduce heat at the same time to echo the company’s logo of molecular structure. The transparent stairs serves as a light tower at night to demonstrate the company’s wish in leading the world with its contribution in drug manufacturing.

Location:ScinoPharm Taiwan Campus, Southern Taiwan Science Park

Structural system:SS

Site area:65,682 ㎡

Building coverage:2,835 ㎡

Total floor area:11,255 ㎡

No. of stories:3 below, 12 above grade

Design period:2013.02 ~ 2013.08

Const. period:2013.06 ~ 2014.06

Category: Biotechnology / Pharmaceutical、Manufacturing

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