ScinoPharm Pharmaceuticals (Changshu) Complex Phase I

New campus was planned for two stages of construction to accommodate one administrative building, one laboratory building, two warehouses, four production plants and one central support building. Two production plants at Northeast corner belong to stage II. Productions & non-production areas are divided through landscape design & temporary control devices.

Administrative building & laboratory building adopt their corporate identity color in Taiwan on their elevations. The design intention is to express the fluidity, simplicity & contemporary image to signify the company’s state-of-the-art spirit and the floating roof canopy is to imply the company’s booming business.

Laboratory building is located at the southeast side of the property. Aluminum louvers & slats are used to shelter & roof top equipment for better visual effect.

Two warehouse buildings are connected on roof top to create a grandiose image of the corporate.

Through effective material use & building technology, the campus breaks through the common factory appearance and gives a new image to industrial plants.

Location:Riverside Industrial Park, Changshu. Economic Development Zone

Structural system:RC

Site area:66,150m²

Building coverage:26,068㎡

Total floor area:62,025㎡

No. of stories:Administrative / Laboratory/ Plant:3 above grade,Central Support / Guard House:2 above grade,Wareho:1 above grade

Design period:2009.07 ~ 2010.03

Const. period:2010.04 ~ 2010.08

Category: Biotechnology / Pharmaceutical、Manufacturing

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