Science and Aeronauticals Engineering Building, Feng Chia University

Situated within the campus of the university where the original two story Aviation Building was demolished, the new building consists of classrooms on the first two floors, faculty office and research rooms for the Department of Aerospace and Systems Engineering on the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors, laboratories on the higher floors, and a reading room and stepped lecture hall in the basement.

Sited next to the southern campus fence and surrounded on three sides with other campus buildings, the area is tight and disposition of the building mass became an important consideration of the design. The design chose a narrow "U" shaped form to maintain a reasonable distance from neighboring structures, providing landscaped areas for outdoor activities without disturbing the existing campus circulation pattern.

In exterior design, the lower floors on the north side are lined with open corridors while a glazed curtain wall sheathed the upper floors. Horizontal sun shields and reflecting panels add interest to the large curtain wall, with the tiled walls also emphasizing the horizontal joints as a complement. A stepped sunken garden provides light and view for the basement area. Basic color is grey, accented with white to recall the color of the Business School next door.



Structural system:RC

Site area:156,000㎡

Building coverage:1,135㎡

Total floor area:10,000㎡

No. of stories:2 below、8 above grade

Cost:NT$ 200,000,000

Design period:2003.07 ~2003.11

Const. period:2004.01~ 2005.02

Category: Adaptive Reuse、Education

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