School Buildings Phase I & II, Ginling Girls' High School

The northern entrance of Ginling Girls' High School fronts the 22m wide main road, closely adjacent to the newly developed shopping mall on the west and east sides connecting to a 20m wide planned road and the riverbank in the south. Outside the riverbank is the open view of the Tahan River. As some of the original buildings are outdated and inadequate for use, the school decided to rebuild the buildings by stages and sections, and to reshape the open space on campus.


The first phase is to rebuild the teaching buildings of the junior high school, where floors 1-5 are classrooms, floors 6 and 7 are offices, 8 and 9 are the library. The second phase includes a gymnasium and teaching building for the senior high school. The elevated 3-level sports court also doubles as a meeting hall accommodating 1,300 people. The 1st floor of the teaching building has a health center, spaces for club activities and a convenient store, etc. The 2nd to 4th floors are classrooms; the 5th to 6th floors are offices; the 7th floor is an international conference room and school history room. A roof garden crowns the top of the gymnasium to provide for teacher-student interactions and a spot
overlooking the Tahan River.


The color of the exterior of the 2nd phase is continued from the first phase, and the building group has a coherent style and individual features. The old building and the new one are linked by an outdoor platform elevated to the second level and a weather corridor, overlooking the scenery of the riverbank in the south.

Location:Taipei County

Structural system:RC, Steel

Site area:8,360㎡

Building coverage:900㎡/2,014㎡

Total floor area:7,696㎡/10,321㎡

No. of stories:1 below, 9 above grade / 1 below, 7 above grade

Design period:2003.12~2004.06/2007.08~2008.04

Const. period:2004.10~2006.08/2008.06~2009.12

Category: Sport / Leisure

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