School Buildings, Mackay Medical College

Mackay Medical College is located in Sanzhi Dist., New Taipei City, covering an area of 19 hectares. The project consists of a teaching and research building, a dormitory and a multifunctional sports complex.


Teaching and Research Building

In honor of Dr. Mackay’s legendary self-sacrifice, the Mackay Medical College’s emblem, a burning thorn-tree, was transformed into an iconic green wall for the exterior design of the teaching and research building. To facilitate communication, connecting corridors are introduced between the existing and new buildings. The nodes of corridors are widened to serve as public areas for teacher-student interaction.


Multifunctional Sports Complex

The form of the multifunctional sports complex is modeled on the shape of ventifacts specific to Sanzhi District, signifying a cornerstone of the church. To minimize environmental impact, the complex calls for two congregational spaces—assembly hall/sanctuary and a gymnasium to share a common entrance but separate lobbies to allow users to
casually linger and quickly evacuate.



In accordance with the natural topography, the project allows for an optimum building volume. By adopting several separated volumes within connecting corridors, the configuration of the dormitory is a metaphor of the Biblical verse” I am the vine, you are the branches”, symbolizing the intimate relationship between human being and God. Composed of dwelling units, a group of clustering buildings is formed with a hierarchy of spaces. All housing quarters orient north-to-south to optimize the natural lighting and ventilation.。

Category: Landscape、Sport / Leisure

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